AfroCentric Technologies

AfroCentric Technologies was established as an independent, separately branded company. AfroCentric Technologies provides ICT solutions and services to Medscheme and its partner medical schemes in the areas of administration and health risk management.

AfroCentric Technologies boasts a leading edge technology platform together with transactional systems which rank amongst the best in the world, which include hosting, switching, administration, health risk management and clinical applications. The systems are robust and scaleable and supported by highly skilled, passionate ICT staff that form the cornerstone of its business success. AfroCentric Technologies leverages off economies of scale to provide cost effective, quality and reliable services and continuously strives to provide optimum and sustainable results for its stakeholders.

AfroCentric Technologies provides the Nexus and UMS systems, as well as network support and website hosting, for the Group and external clients. AfroCentric Technologies holds a 51% shareholding in healthcare software specialist Allegra.



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