AfroCentric Health Solutions

AfroCentric Health Solutions (“AHS”) is the international cluster for Medscheme Holdings’ non-South African businesses and interests with operations in namibia and Mauritius. The business also has presence in Botswana and Kenya though partnerships with local players and is pursuing further growth and diversifi cation opportunities in the East and West Africa regions. The business thrust is the co-ordination of healthcare delivery through an integrated value chain, with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of care in these countries.


Each business in the respective countries is governed by its own Board of Directors and managed by dedicated management teams.

AHS businesses draw value from the AfroCentric Group through shared services to drive operational effi ciencies and access to best practice as well as up-skilling opportunities from centers of excellence within AfroCentric.

The international market, especially in developing economies provides AHS with opportunities for vertical integration of the healthcare value chain and fl exibility in funding models.

The expertise in health insurance administration that resides in AfroCentric Health Solutions and partnership with Sanlam positions the business for growth out of South Africa.


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