Medscheme Career Zone

1. What is the Career Zone

The Medscheme Career Zone will be available on the Medscheme Web site to provide external people with the opportunity to get to know a little more about our people, what we stand for, our Employee Value Proposition, as well as apply for available vacancies.

The Career Zone will consist of 7 main tabs that include:

Our people
Brief stories from some of our employees as to why they enjoy working at Medscheme

  • Our Values

What is a Medscheme employee and what values are we expected to display

  • Career Paths

What are the different Job Families and the available career paths in each job family

  • Employee Value Proposition

Programmes available to our employee such as HealthWise, SwitchLab, LPA, Study Assistance etc.

  • Graduate information

Career Tips, available learnerships and internships

  • Job Search

Applications to available vacancies

Contact Info

2. How will the Career Zone work

People wanting to visit the Medscheme web site will have an option to visit the Medscheme Career Zone from the Home Page. The Career Zone will have the vacancies that are available under the Job Search Tab of the Career Zone.

External applicants will be able to apply for vacancies that they are interested in, and their application will be routed to the internal recruitment system on Oracle. Their application will then follow the normal recruitment process.


3. What are the benefits of the Career Zone

One of our strategies for the Recruitment and Selection Practice was to diversify our sources of attracting quality candidates to our business and remove the dependency on recruitment agencies. The Career Zone provides for another source of talent acquisition whereby vacancies can be advertised to external applicants and free of charge. This will contribute toward reducing costs to the business, as well as reducing the turnaround times of sourcing candidates.

The Career Zone provides a view of the culture of our business as well as the type of person who will suit our culture. In this way, we hope to get more suitable candidates to fill positions.

With Learnerships and Internships becoming more of a business need as a result of BBBEE requirements and skill grants, we are also hoping to attract the youth who are looking to gain workplace experience or qualifications and see the Graduate section of the Career Zone as a good tool to recruit for available learnerships and internships.

The Career Zone therefore contributes toward a more cost and time effective means of attracting, recruiting and placing people in our business.


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