Company Profile

Company Profile

Afrocentric Investment Corporation Limited (“Afrocentric”) is a black-owned, diversified listed investment holding company which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) in the Healthcare sector, under share code : ACT.

Afrocentric was established in 2006 and has specifically invested in businesses that demonstrate good prospects for growth while actively contributing to the upliftment of South Africa’s people in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

Two beneficiaries which represent a broad base of historically disadvantaged South Africans (“HDSA”) were invited to participate in Afrocentric on its restructure and recapitalisation. The Afrocentric Empowerment Trust (“ACET”) was constituted in 2006 and acquired an initial 51% of Afrocentric’s ordinary share capital. The beneficiaries of ACET include the South African Council of Churches and the Fort Hare Foundation both of whom played a pivotal role in the transformation of our country. Our largest shareholders are Community Investment Holdings, the ACET and Golden Pond. They represent the membership of the South African Medical and Dental Practitioners Association, the medical professionals who are substantially HDSAs, or of HDSA parentage.

The Afrocentric group operates in 3 separate sectors being Afrocentric Health, Afrocentric Technology and Afrocentric Resources.

Afrocentric Group Structure