Investment Committee

During the year under review, the Investment Committee comprised four members, two Non-executive Directors and two Executive Directors. The constitution of this Committee is under review to align to best practice. The Investment Committee meets at least twice a year and additional meetings are held when required. During the year under review, the Committee held seven meetings.

The Committee oversees the approval processes for investments. These are designed to ensure alignment with the Group’s agreed strategies and values. Risks are identified and evaluated, investments are fully optimised to produce the maximum shareholder value within an acceptable risk framework and appropriate risk management strategies are pursued. The duties of the Investment Committee include:

Considering commitments, acquisitions or disposals by the Group

Considering initial investments in the Group

Considering any other investment over R5 million – smaller investments may be tabled at the Committee

Performing such investment-related functions as may be delegated by the Board from time to time

Considering the viability of the capital project and/or acquisition and/or disposal and the effect it may have on the Group’s cash flow, and whether it will align with the Group’s overall strategy

Ensuring due diligence procedures are adhered to when acquiring or disposing of assets


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