ICT Steering Committee

The ICT Steering Committee manages the progress of all information and communication technology initiatives associated with goals from the Group’s ICT strategy.

Avsharn Bachoo – CIO: AfroCentric Group
Avsharn Bachoo
CIO: AfroCentric Group

Composition of the ICT Steerco is as follows:

Members Roles
Theo Mabaso External Member (Chairperson)
Avsharn Bachoo CIO: AfroCentric Group
Ahmed Banderker CEO: AfroCentric Group
Hannes Boonzaaier CFO: AfroCentric Group
Andrew Schwulst CEO: Medscheme Holdings
Monwabisi Kula Chief Audit Executive
Steven Andresen Advanced Specialist: Financial Business Analyst

The ICT Steering Committee is an internal management committee

Key matters the committee focused on

Reviewed all ICT policies including the business continuity plan

Reviewed and recommended the digital ICT strategy

Monitored progress of the Fusion project

Ensured the alignment of the business and technical project management functions


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