Community impact

AfroCentric participates in sustained, collaborative, strategic efforts to uplift communities. The Group is dedicated to improving community life and access to economic opportunity.

Enterprise and supplier development (ESD)

The Group emphasises preferential spending on black-empowered companies providing services and products to our businesses. We focus on black-owned small, medium and microenterprises (SMMEs) with black women and designated group ownership.

(2018: R443 million)
spend on
black-owned supplers
(2018: R146 million)
spend on black
(2018: R143 million)
spend on exempt
(2018: R20 million)
spend on
developing suppliers
and enterprises
(2018: R98 million)
spend on
qualifying small
enterprises (QSEs)

Our ED pillar uplifts the South African economy by developing smaller businesses and growing, among others, the small business sector. The Group has various initiatives to develop SMMEs. We invest in sustainable projects aligned with the Group's business objectives with a reasonable expectation of providing a direct or indirect financial return.

AHL aims to invest 2% of net profit after tax (NPAT) on developing suppliers and enterprises as it has done for the past three years. The Group invested over R10 million in SMMEs and deserving initiatives.

Our ESD beneficiaries include:

ESD initiatives 2019



Belinda Ogundipe Associates Inc.

  Dr Belinda Ogundipe is a GP with an existing practice, consulting at DBC Sandton and DBC Roodepoort. Dr Ogundipe allocated funding for the monthly rental agreements of Klinikka DBC equipment and for purchasing three DBC machines for the expansion into three provinces currently without DBC services which include Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Northern Cape.

Classic Health Consulting

  Classic Health Consulting develops innovative and practical healthcare delivery solutions based on sustainable deployment for underserviced areas in Africa and other developing countries. It finalised the i-Health Clinic which offers a turnkey community primary facility and contributes to SED in South Africa's rural and underserviced areas.

Marara Health Consulting

  Marara Health's initial core business was to render wellness services. Marara Health was allocated ED funding for the purpose of buying bicycles, providing training to the participants and assisting in giving the participants a stipend of R2 000 per participant. The key activities to be performed include collecting medication from health facilities then delivering the medication to a patient roll that will be provided by health facilities.

Ndala ICT Solutions

  Ndala ICT Solutions is a start-up company offering end-to-end solutions across a complete spectrum of ICT services to medium and large entities. Ndala was allocated funding with the objective of covering its start-up costs, training and mentorship.


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