AfroCentric Group rated B-BBEE Level 1

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Transformation is a strategic enabler for AfroCentric to achieve its vision of creating sustainable healthcare. It enables us to drive sustainability for all our stakeholders.

Factors such as imbalances in career, educational and economic opportunities perpetuate inequality for many South Africans. B-BBEE directly addresses economic transformation by increasing the number of black people who manage, own and control the country's econo

AfroCentric's transformation framework supports the national strategic priorities and our own social impact agenda. The Group adheres to the South African government's B-BBEE policies and other transformation-related legislation such as, but not limited to, the:

National Development Plan 2030;

National Strategy for B-BBEE;

Revised B-BBEE Act 53 and related amendments;

Amended Codes of Good Practice on B-BBEE of 2013;

Employment Equity Amendment Act of 2014 and related regulations; and

Skills Development Act and related Skills Development Levies Act.

At AfroCentric, we aim to transcend compliance and go beyond the numbers for transformation, while adhering to the spirit of the B-BBEE Codes. We have several structures that debate, critique and approve transformation initiatives. The Board and the AfroCentric Health Group Executive Committee support these structures, primarily through the following committees:

Transformation Steering Committee;

Social and Ethics Committee; and

ESD Committee.

Our level of compliance with the B-BBEE scorecard demonstrates our commitment to driving transformation within the Group and how we do business.

Equity ownership

AHL ownership profile (July 2019) 20181 2017 2016  
Black exercisable voting rights that flow through to AHL 81.01% 80.22% 34.51%  
Black exercisable voting rights by black females 11.00% 9.42% 13.46%  
Black entitlement to economic interest that flows through to AHL 79.76% 80.22% 34.51%  
Entitlement to economic interest by black females 10.49% 9.42% 13.46%  
Economic interest that flows through to black designated groups 3.29% 14.00% 13.79%  
Involvement of ownership of the enterprise of black new entrants 2.62% 11.03% 13.57%  
1 The 2018 B-BBEE verification certificate issued on 12 December 2018 is valid until 6 December 201

Management control

EE is implemented in compliance with the EE Act. This involves compiling a five-year plan, and setting quantifiable targets for each race, gender and employment category. Progress is measured and reported annually to the Department of Labour. AfroCentric's EE plan outlines our targets for EE. These add to the universal targets for EE compliance under the B-BBEE Codes by including a measure for representing black disabled employees among the Group's total employees. The Company uses these targets to measure its EE performance for the EE element under the B-BBEE Codes.

Outlook/future focus areas

Transformation remains a key strategic enabler for AfroCentric to achieve its vision of creating sustainable healthcare, thus creating a solid basis to drive sustainability for all its stakeholders.


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