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Activo Health

Activo Health, a South African pharmaceutical company was established in 2009 and has since served a target audience comprising specialists, general practitioners and pharmacies. Activo markets and distributes an extensive range of healthcare products through a national wholesaler footprint. Activo Health’s continued organic growth is driven through its strategic alliances and acquisitions, its dedicated and passionate employees and its continued commitment to high quality products and service.

AfroCentric Technologies

Is a market leader in technology-based products and services. Its systems connect millions of scheme members, schemes, doctors and hospitals internationally. AfroCentric Technologies was established as an independent, separately branded company. AfroCentric Technologies provides ICT solutions and services to Medscheme and its partner medical schemes in the areas of administration and health risk management. AfroCentric Technologies boasts a cutting-edge technology platform together with transactional systems which rank amongst the best in the world, which include hosting, switching, administration, health risk management and clinical applications.


Over the last two decades, AfA’s programme has evolved to become what it is today – a powerful partner to our beneficiaries, their treating doctors, employers, medicine dispensaries and healthcare funders. Shaped by years of clinical research and extensive expertise, AfA’s methods are considered the industry standard by healthcare professionals both locally and abroad. We bring measurable value to all our stakeholders by offering a holistic solution to all aspects of HIV and chronic disease care.


Is a tech-based contributor to the medical sector that empowers healthcare communities by providing access to information that enhances total individual care. Allegra strives to seamlessly gather and share vital information with appropriate healthcare providers, funders and other stakeholders, ultimately resulting in enhanced quality of life for patients.


DENIS has 25 years of experience as a managed care company and its focus is entirely on dental management. With DENIS being part of the AfroCentric Group, it adds to the Group’s diversity as focused dental managed care is now a new product to offer to all its medical scheme clients.


EssentialMED is an Underwriting Management Agent on behalf of the insurer, African Unity Life. We have supported South Africans with innovative health insurance since 2005, offering tailor-made access to quality private healthcare at a price you can afford. We provide comprehensive medical insurance cover, with private medical facilities.


Is licensed to offer DBC, an individualised, evidence-based, multi-disciplinary treatment approach to managing musculoskeletal disorders. Klinikka provides DBC equipment and administration services to 21 musculoskeletal treatment centres in Southern Africa.

Medscheme South Africa

Medscheme is the largest health risk management services provider and is among the leading medical scheme administrators in South Africa, with more than 3.9-million lives under management. Its clients include many of the country’s major medical schemes Bonitas, Fedhealth, GEMS and Polmed, as well as several other medical schemes.

Pharmacy Direct

Distributes and delivers chronic medication to urban and rural areas for medical scheme clients and government’s CCMDD programme.

Private Healthcare Administrators (PHA)

Private Health Administrators (PHA) is an independent medical scheme administrator which utilises robust, flexible and technologically advanced systems. These are driven by our vision to provide forward thinking and innovative healthcare solutions to our clients and members that meet their every need.

Scriptpharm Risk Management

Is a national pharmacy network that manages chronic and acute medicine through a capitation arrangement, where healthcare providers are paid a fixed amount per scheme member to incentivise efficiency, cost control and preventative care. The business provides drug utilisation reviews, and Scriptpharm medicine formulary is a list of medicines approved by medical schemes that are considered safe, clinically appropriate and cost-effective for the treatment of specific conditions.

The Cheese Has Moved

The Cheese has Moved is a multi-award winning, full–service advertising and marketing agency, specialising in strategy, creative conceptualisation, execution and implementation across all marketing platforms and channels.


Tendahealth is an authorised financial services provider who offers integrated insurance, investment and health solutions to protect and enhance your health and financial wellness. Our vast industry knowledge and inquisitive approach ensure that we find and present our clients with relevant advice and sound insurance and health solutions. We pride ourselves in building enduring individual and corporate relationships through our personal approach and ongoing support.

AfroCentric Employee Health Solutions

AfroCentric Employee Health Solutions , a subsidiary of AfroCentric Group (Pty) Ltd, specialises in providing integrated employee health and wellness solutions, including occupational health, primary healthcare and organisational wellness.

Our other Brands

Forrester Pharma

Forrester Pharma is a registered pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative healthcare at affordable prices. We focus on successful product launches and swift generic entries, led by our vision to broaden access to quality healthcare in an affordable and efficient manner.

AfroCentric Health Solutions

Is the international cluster for AfroCentric Health, providing access to medical fund administration, health insurance administration, health risk management, medical fund and health insurance administration information technology (IT) platforms, practice management systems, medical claims switching solutions, wellness management software and programmes, as well as health provider network services.

AfroCentric Integrated Corporate Solutions

Combines newly acquired Sanlam Health, PHAs and FastPulse to provide integrated health and wellness solutions to the workplace.

AfroCentric Distribution Services

Is a specialised marketing and sales company that offers a full suite of marketing services and comprehensive distribution channel management.

AfroCentric Wellness

Provides people-centric wellness solutions that identify non-communicable clinical risk; promote awareness and supply educational material; refer designated high-risk members to established disease management programmes; and provide home-based care services to scheme members.


Is a speciality pharmaceutical wholesaler, procures and supplies pharmaceutical products to Pharmacy Direct, Activo Health and other major wholesalers in Gauteng.

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