Virtual Care

The role Virtual Care can play

  • VirtualCare is one trend that was moved ahead of the schedule as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. VirtualCare has really been one of the transformative events of the past months with consumers realizing that so much of what they are doing can be done virtually.
  • AfroCentric has invested in digital solutions to facilitate virtual care access and uptake.
  • AfroCentric launched VirtualCare in 2020 to enable universal access to primary healthcare for any patient in a way that is convenient, coordinated and nearby, and that enables multidisciplinary teams to collaborate via technology.
  • The service allows us to address some of the complex factors that affect the patient experience in South Africa today, including the high cost and lack of access to services, travel and time constraints when seeking health services (especially during these times of COVID-19), among other factors.
  • VirtualCare has allowed faster interventions and improved member compliance to care regimes due to ease of access.
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