Virtual Screening

Virtual screening

Proposed usage/frequency for virtual screening & costs

Twice a year

  • On download of app/registration as new member
  • Every six months thereafter
  • Unless a member does a traditional HRA then calculate 6 months next virtual screening from there
  • PLUS every time a member wants to do a virtual care call – do screening whilst in the virtual waiting room so that the Dr can have some baseline metrics
  • Functionality should be hidden from members outside these times to avoid multiple usage and additional claims to our schemes


  1. All screenings (virtual and physical) to save to PHR cumulatively to view screening history,
  2. Overall virtual screening report status to indicate A) who to nudge to maintain a healthy lifestyle and B) who to refer into a wellness/managed care pathway
  3. Reporting to schemes monthly on usage plus outcomes
Virtual screening cost = R20 + VAT
Virtual care