Human capital

Our people philosophy

The core of our AfroCentric value proposition is our passion for people. Our human-centric practices and policies have consistently enabled our organisation to attract, develop and retain a skilled and talented workforce, facilitating a high-performance culture that supports the achievement of our strategic objectives. Founded on the core philosophy of transformation and empowerment, we strive to build a diverse workforce supported by an inclusive culture.

We strongly encourage all our employees and leaders to be grounded and take accountability for their actions. We take great pride in our AfroCentric values, which are central to who we are and how we show up every day. We work tirelessly to create an environment fully supportive of all employees – nurturing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Diversity and inclusion

Transformation remains a critical strategic enabler for AfroCentric to achieve its vision of creating sustainable healthcare, thus creating a solid basis to drive sustainability for all its stakeholders. In addition, transformation is viewed as an opportunity to enable business growth while positively contributing to the economy.

Based on 4 601 active permanent employees across entities, 71% are female and 29% are male.

Staff movement

In the past year, AfroCentric has seen an increase in women directors and senior management, but progress has been slow, and more needs to be done to improve women's representation.

During the year, we recruited 591 permanent employees, of which 42 employees resigned within the first year across entities. Females accounted for 69% of those who resigned, and males for 31%. The ethnic representation of these individuals is as follows: 46.4% Africans, 14.2% Whites, 31.9% Coloured, 4.7% Indian and 2.7% foreign nationals. First year voluntary attrition rate is 7%.

Employee culture journey

Our culture journey has spanned three years; however, over the years, the culture of our business has consistently been one of our most vital success factors. Supported by committed leadership and grounded by a robust set of organisational values, we have sustained a workforce of engaged, productive and happy employees.

The AfroCentric Group has grown considerably. Some of these changes have included taking on large schemes, merging schemes, partnering with new subsidiaries and diversifying our offering to distribution services, among other changes. The growth across the Group led us to review the current culture; therefore, the culture survey was launched.

Our people purpose of One Company – One Mindset was formulated from the Leaders Enablement People and Alignment Forum held during the year. Moreover, the process of embedding our values has rejuvenated the mindset of our employees. This initiative seeks to re-engage and connect leaders and employees to our desired culture.

Sustainability overview
Employee engagement