Performance management

AfroCentric uses a balanced scorecard approach for performance management. The balanced scorecard provides the tools for management to drive competitive success. It translates the organisation's strategy into performance measures that provide the framework for a strategic measurement and management system. To be a progressive organisation, we continuously research best practice to build a high-performance culture.

When managing individual performance, we aim for a mutually beneficial environment where managers and employees share clear expectations and objectives from the outset. Employees participate in all phases of the performance management process and share ownership of the outcomes with the organisation.

Continuous conversations, feedback and development

Managing performance is not an annual event but a continual process of feedback and collaboration. Performance discussions are therefore expected to cover more than simply performance ratings. Instead, leaders should have regular, meaningful conversations to close performance gaps and enable individuals to understand how their performance and behaviour link to the organisational strategy and how their contributions drive business growth.

Our performance management system aims to enable:

  • A streamlined performance management process to direct line managers' time from administrative activities to that of ongoing performance conversations
  • High-quality performance discussions, giving employees more frequent feedback and addressing performance gaps in real time
  • The creation of a high-performance culture within the organisation
  • Employee lead performance management
  • Difficult conversations that drive positive change
Employee wellbeing
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