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Wednesday, 8 November 2023

Johannesburg – AfroCentric Group subsidiaries, Medscheme, Pharmacy Direct and AfA are thrilled to announce their outstanding success at the prestigious PMR.Africa Awards. These accolades are a testament to the staunch dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence exhibited by these healthcare industry leaders.

Medscheme, a frontrunner in healthcare solutions, achieved remarkable recognition by clinching multiple accolades. They secured the highly coveted Diamond Arrow Award (highest-rated) for their outstanding contribution in Disease Management – Asthma, Hospital Utilization Management and Counseling of High Claimers. Additionally, they garnered Golden Arrow Awards across multiple categories, including Alternative Fee Structure/Re-imbursement, Chronic Medication Management, Disease Management – Cardiovascular, Health Risk Assessment, Management of Specialists and GPs and Wellness Programme.

AfA, who have won this accolade multiple times over the years, have once more secured the prestigious Diamond Arrow Award (highest-rated) in the Disease Management HIV/AIDS category. This recognition highlights AfA’s continuous commitments to combating HIV and improving the lives of those affected. From prevention and patient care to treatment and medicine delivery, AfA takes care of the 250 000 plus people on their HIV managed care programme and the organisations who bear the responsibility of funding to achieve outcomes such as adherence to medication, suppressed viral loads and improved quality of life.

As a diversified organisation in healthcare solutions, we have an integrated approach to healthcare supported by data driven insights and this echoes through our processes, our partnerships and right down to our scheme clients’ members. The broad categories that we have been awarded are testament to this commitment both on the medical administration side as well as through our Aid for AIDS business which is impactfully managing HIV and improving the health and quality of life for so many people”, says Gerald van Wyk, Group CEO AfroCentric Group.

Pharmacy Direct, a leading name in pharmacy courier services, proudly took home the Golden Arrow Award in Pharmacy Network Management. This recognition highlights their dedication to providing superior pharmacy solutions and services.

One of the ways to reduce the disease burden in South Africa is to ensure medicine adherence, which means ensuring efficiencies in getting medication to clients. It is our mandate to get on time, every time, chronic medication to every South African under our care, be it through private or public care streams and to keep innovating to ensure access, even to the remotest of places in South Africa.” adds van Wyk.

The awards, presented by PMR.Africa are the culmination of a research process whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction. This process is undertaken via an annual national survey on managed healthcare companies in South Africa where the respondents, comprising chairmen, principal officers, trustees, etc. rate managed healthcare companies across several attributes/criteria (such as, ability to manage risk, quality of the service, relationship with providers and reporting on results/interventions etc). on a scale of 0.00 to 10.00; where 0.00 is poor and 10.00 is outstanding.

The PMR.Africa Awards are highly regarded for their rigorous assessment process and the impartiality of the results, making these accolades even more meaningful.

"We are immensely proud of the performance of our teams. These accolades are a testament of excellence, tenacity and commitment from the AfroCentric ecosystem to ensure that our customers receive exceptional service. These values will always remain top priority to ensure that our clients, partners and the healthcare industry at large continues to be served with excellence”, concludes van Wyk.

For more information about the Awards, please visit PMR.Africa.

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