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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Medscheme, supported by AfroCentric Technology, has won an international award at the 2019 FICO World Decisions Conference for Decision Management Innovation, at an event held in New York.

Medscheme was recognised for its innovation in rebuilding its claims management system powered by the FICO® Blaze Advisor™ decision rules management system. Various sectors including banking have used the FICO® Blaze Advisor™ decision rules management technology successfully in their credit card management systems – through innovation Medscheme and AfroCentric Technologies have now successfully adopted the technology for the medical schemes administration sector. This innovation has now enabled the Medscheme claims management environment to have a modern, scalable technology that supports business needs into the future, integrating well with the rest of Medscheme IT infrastructure, and supports meeting stringent Service Level Agreements in the claims management process.

The new system makes business rules visible and accessible to business and technical teams, and are much easier and quicker to change. The investment in Decision Management is key to optimising Medscheme’s business and delivering value to clients into the future. Not only is this key to effectively managing claims, but it is also being adopted in the rebuilding of our Hospital Benefit Management process.

 Winning an international award is truly special – Medscheme and AfroCentric Technologies going beyond collaboration, led by Andrew Wright and Denise Sleem.

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